We are now officially less than a week away from our Both Hands project - hold me back! I am so ready to knock the socks off of this work day (and thankful that the weather forecast is calling for cooler temperatures; I tend to wilt in the heat) and believe with all my heart that everyone involved will be incredibly blessed through this endeavor. I'm not the most organized person in the world, so while I'd like to say that I've got everything figured out to make Saturday's project go smoothly, I mostly have visions of paint rollers and potted plants floating around in my head. But they make me feel like I can do this! (This type of strategy usually works for me, so I'll continue to work with it.)

(The above topic is taking up a good 60% of my brain)

On a separate note, we were alarmed today when we learned that South Korea's crazy neighbor to the north is threatening
to reduce Seoul to "a pile of ashes." We emailed Regina, but she told us that there isno earthly way possible to speed up the process, and so we'll continue waiting and hoping that this is yet more propaganda from the North, and that God will protect our son and all those in Korea.

(The above topic is taking up a separate 35% of my brain)

And on a separate separate note, we learned today that we'll soon be receiving a video of Jeremiah! Some of the caseworkers from our adoption agency went to Korea and were able to meet, spend time with, and video the children their families will be adopting!
I am beyond excited about this. I treasure the three pictures we have of our son; to have a video...well, we'd better put it on our computer because I plan on wearing out that disc!

Here are the notes that were taken during the visit with Jeremiah:
  • sits well
  • stands with support
  • moves holding onto furniture
  • crawls fast
  • good baby
  • "Mama"
  • likes cellular phones
  • easy baby :)   (happy face mine)
  • foster sister loves him
(The above topic is taking up a completely separate 85% of my brain. I'm a little overloaded right now.)

My brain is busy these days, but in spite of that we managed to finish up 2nd grade science for the year - the beginning of the end of this year's homeschooling! The kids and I continue to have a blast working through school and spending every day together. It hit home with me in a new way recently that this phase of our lives is quickly coming to an end, as Derrick will be going to a private school next year. I'm reminded to truly treasure these days. We are all so blessed to have each other. I can't wait until all four of our kids are home.



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