When I was in elementary school, I wore ugly blue tight jeans that were rolled up to reveal rolled-down socks. Pair those with a huge tie-dye shirt and some enormous bangs, and you get a girl who entered the awkward phase of junior high a few years early (although I blame part of that mess on the 80s). That girl also listened to Steven Curtis Chapman. A lot. And this was back when Christian music was comparable to a B movie. But I was rockin' that look, lovin' those songs.

I did eventually grow out of the awkwardness that defined me for a good four years. And I left Mr. Chapman far behind. So it wasn't until we attended the Christian Alliance for Orphan's Summit VI in Minneapolis that I realized I'd thrown the baby out with the bathwater - or, more appropriately, I'd thrown a really amazing Christian singer out with the big bangs.

We had the privilege of hearing Mary Beth Chapman tell the story of adopting - three times - and then losing one of their daughters through a tragic accident. I saw Steven Curtis and Mary Beth with grownup eyes, heard his songs with grownup ears, and cried many tears for their loss, but also tears of joy for the work that God has done through tragedy. Show Hope is a big part of that work. (Read Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman to hear the rest of their story.)

Last week, Dustin and I opened a letter from Show Hope and shed tears together again.

Show Hope has awarded our family a $4,000 grant in our adoption of Jeremiah.

Exactly what we need to finish our adoption expenses.

The financial portion of our journey started with a grant from Lifesong for Orphans and ended with a grant from Show Hope. The in-between was filled to the brim with support from our family, friends, and our church. God is good, my friends. He is so, so good.

While we can't say we're done, we're on a different phase now than we were in February, when we first saw our son's face. I guess you could say we've traveled in faith, we've finished that part of our journey, and now we can get off the bus.

We'd love for you to pray with us that we can get on the plane in the fall of  2012 to bring Jeremiah home. God is faithful, and will complete what He has begun in His good, good time. What an amazing privilege to hold our great Father's hand as He takes us to Korea.



Jamie Dickerson
06/12/2012 10:00

Hi Katie! I googled your Both Hands video after our photo shoot a few weeks ago (So awesome!) and it led me to your blog. And this story? Such a testimony to God's faithfulness as our provider. :) We loved our photos, by the way---I sent you an email about them to 1000thword address...not sure if you got it. :) We were so blessed by your kindness. I added your blog to my reader so we can keep up with Jeremiah's story. Thank you both again!


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