I usually run from sugar-free cookies, because the sugar always seems to be replaced with some sort of rat poison, packaged in attractive bags in the baking aisles.

THESE, however, are delicious. This drooling little munchkin and I whipped them up in about 10 minutes and stuck them in the oven (although a good percentage never made it that far).

We started by throwing 2 cups of cashews into the food processor to make the "flour." To that, we added
 - 4 mashed bananas
 - about 2/3 cup soft butter
 - 2 t. vanilla
 - 1 t. salt
 - 2 t. baking powder
 - 4 cups oats.

Top it all off with chocolate chips (NOT sugar free...so I guess technically, these don't qualify as sugar-free cookies but I'm going to call it officially close enough) and you've got yourself a delightfully healthy cookie!

See the original recipe here: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/nikkis-healthy-cookies-recipe.html

Oh, and my kids totally play the "sugar-free" card on these: "Mom, can we have another sugar-free cookie??"

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