One of the reasons I fell in love with the Korea program is that it's predictable.
We knew from the beginning what each step would look like.

Well, God knew from the beginning that each step would not look like what we thought it would look like.

We've recently learned that the 4-5 day required stay is quickly evolving into a 3-4 week stay.
We still don't know when we'll travel, but it means...

We really need to work on our Korean!

Our three bio kids are so coming with us. That's just too long to leave them behind!

Dustin will have to take an extra 2 weeks off from work - time that he doesn't have built into his vacation time.
Plus 3 more round-trip tickets across the ocean. Maybe we should take swimming lessons?

Thinking outside the box here.

We'll need to figure out where to stay, how to get around, and what to eat with 3-4 kids in a city of 10 million...where we don't know the language. No big deal.

A faith-growing opportunity if I've ever seen one.

New sights, new sounds, new language, new foods, new brother.
Bring it, Korea.


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