It's been awhile since we've heard news on how adoptions are progressing in Korea. Too long, in my opinion (I'm feeling opinionated today).

Last I knew, the families who submitted paperwork by November of 2011 were processed, but then everything came to a halt.

(We sent everything on March 23, 2012.)

There's a new requirement for families involving a court date, but nobody really knows what that means for the timeline. I've read that it may add some time to the wait, since it means that judges are looking into each specific family as part of the process. This adds time for the obvious reason that more work means more waiting (for us and other waiting families), and also because it's a new step. Which means it's never been done this way before. Which means there's going to be bumps in the road, or it could be really slow-going if they try to get it right the first time around.

So I feel like a pregnant woman, 36 weeks along, who hears the news that her body has added new requirements to the labor process. "It may not happen as quickly as we'd hoped," says the doctor, "and you may have to carry this baby another few months longer - or more."

At which point I vent my anger by punching said doctor.

This is followed by a quick and heart-felt apology. And anger management classes.

I do have to say that we are TRULY so thankful that Jeremiah is with a foster family who loves him so very much. He is safe. He is well taken care of. And honestly, we are blessed in the waiting because God is still at work - both here in our family, and in Jeremiah's life. I know it because we've prayed it - every single day.


Diane Kruis
02/10/2013 20:58

I've always found adoption labor MUCH more difficult and painful than the traditional route! God's strength and blessings to you. Diane Kruis


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