Two years ago, almost to the day, we learned about Both Hands at the first Summit  we attended. We knew right away that, if we ever needed to raise funds for an adoption, we wanted to do that through Both Hands.

Summit VI, Minneapolis

A year later,  we sent off our application requesting to do a Both Hands project to raise the funds needed to bring Jeremiah home. A few weeks later, we received a call from Aimee and JT from the Both Hands Foundation.

And last weekend,
with 25 volunteers, 13 gallons of paint, and tons of love, we completed our Both Hands project.

The Both Hands Foundation staff watched the above video in their staff meeting this morning, with tears in their eyes. Their tireless work to help bring orphans into families and to meet the needs of widows has gone far beyond their reach, through the outstretched arm of our Father.

Tomorrow, we leave to attend our third Summit. To be refreshed, encouraged, and strengthened to continue in the work God has called us to, both through our family's adoption of Jeremiah and through Adopted by Grace, our church's orphan care/adoption ministry. There, we will receive required training for our journey to adoption and beyond; and we will have the opportunity to thank JT and Aimee in person for all of their support, prayer, and encouragement.

Another chapter has ended.



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