***Impact Zambia Update: 30 commitments...4 days to go. Needing 70 more Impacters!
Impact children like Bwalya Bwayla & have your gift MATCHED!!
As you saw in the video, Bwalya Bwalya became a double orphan because of HIV/ Aids when he was only five years and now he, too, is HIV+.  Thankfully, Bwalya Bwalya lives with his grandparents and is able to attend the Lifesong Zambia School. Despite his uncertain past, he has a hopeful future because of the presence of Christ in his life and the opportunity to receive an education.
We have launched an Impact Zambia 100 campaign that will help build a high school for Bwalya Bwayla and other children in similar life situations.  We are nearly 1/3 of the way there and have only 4 days left.  
We are looking for 100 people to make a monthly commitment of $20 for one year to help complete this building project. MATCHING GIFT OPPORTUNITY!  (that's right--gifts will be matched dollar- for-dollar thanks to a generous donor!) Sixty-seven cents a day from 100 people for a year can make this vision a reality for children like Bwalya Bwalya. 4 days left 70 people to go...Will you join us? To join Impact Zambia 100, email info@lifesongfororphans.org To learn more about Impact Zambia 100, click here.
If this was your son; your brother; your friend, and you knew that someone somewhere could do this great thing for him, you would cry out to God that He would put it on the heart of that person to help Bwalya Bwalya. To think that you may be that person - that God is giving you the opportunity to reach out His hands to help one of His children in need...that is amazing.

When you give to impact Zambia, please let Lifesong know that you learned about the opportunity here, from Katie Leonard. Together, when we work as a body - the Body of Christ - what an impact we can make!



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