I love that God is God. He always know when we need to be refreshed, even when I don't see it. A week ago was one of those times of encouragement and renewal as we were in Albuquerque photographing adoptive families.

*A little background: Dustin and I decided about a year and a half ago that we would use all proceeds from our photography business, Thousandth Word Photography, on behalf of orphans. Since dedicating our photography to that purpose, we've had the opportunity to use our equipment and talent in cooperation with the Christian Alliance for Orphans. We also provide free family photo sessions to adoptive families as a ministry to them, as they minister to these special children. Our last project was done with a double purpose: first, to bless a few of the adoptive families we've come to know in Albuquerque; and second, to provide Hope for Orphans with photographs to use within their ministry.

These families have been so supportive of us as we've begun the adoption process - some by sharing wisdom learned from experience; some by helping us talk through decisions; and some just by being visible examples of the gospel lived out. If you wonder what adoption looks like after the paperwork is over and it's lived out in everyday life, take a few moments to look at these beautiful examples.



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